Clay Collins is a savvy dude, and I’ve learned a LOT from him over the past few years. One of my favorites is this little nugget:

The greatest skill in business is the ability to feel into a situation and do what needs to be done to make the sale; and you might need to modify/adapt this for your business.

Clay’s point absolutely hits the bulls-eye as to why many people get stuck in business.

I’m pretty crazy about process. Maybe it’s my martial arts training, but I value the ‘path’ in everything I do. In many ways, the journey really is the true destination. Yet, it’s easy to get mired in processes when you’re learning something new. More so, it’s easy to get stuck in the processes we learn from others (in online courses, etc.) to the point that we think we’re applying them, when in reality, we’re merely copying them.

To truly apply, you have to make adjustments. You’ll have to adjust the process to your own circumstance and situation. You’ll have to sense what’s going to work for your business and do that thing instead of blindly following someone else’s “blueprint” for success.

Hint: If success (in anything) were as simple as following a blueprint, we would have a lot more successful people in the world.

Of course, this isn’t just true in business; it works for everything. Process is always going to be a personal thing – a thing you create for yourself. My process will never suit you perfectly (though it may have limited effectiveness in the short term).

Creating processes to match a desired outcome is a sign that you’ve mastered a principle. And how do you master principles? By practicing creating processes that get closer and closer to creating the outcome you desire.

At the very least, give it some thought and see if you can identify the processes you’ve created in your successes and the adopted (yet, not adapted) processes that aren’t working for you in other areas (there will probably be A LOT of these). I’d love to hear your ideas.


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